8 Tips to Avoid Decision Fatigue

Original blog posted on HubSpot.com. By Amanda Tallent.

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Even with a good night's sleep and a big cup of coffee, many of us begin to lose steam only halfway through our morning. Running from meeting to meeting or pouring over tedious documents can take a lot out of you.

If you struggle to stay focused or even awake throughout the day, you may be combatting decision fatigue.

Simply put, decision fatigue is a loss of energy and focus after making too many decisions.

It may not seem all that serious, but we make anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 decisions each day. From deciding which shoes to wear to planning our grocery list, we are constantly making choices.

The decision-making process requires us to evaluate new information, compare it to our past experiences, and weigh the pros and cons of multiple outcomes. This can cause a mental drain, impacting both our willpower and self-control.

Decision fatigue can cause you to make careless mistakes or even poor decisions at work, as well as in your personal life. But, while it isn't possible to avoid making decisions completely, there are ways to avoid letting decision fatigue bring you down.

Mint created this guide with tips on how to take some of the work out of making decisions. Simplify your day-to-day life and take on big decisions with ease.

Ways to Outsmart Decision Fatigue

Learn to train your brain to make sounder judgments and smarter financial decisions.

The drop in performance we experience after making too many decisions.

What is decision fatigue?

Increase Productivity

Reduce Stress

Improve Your Finances

Employees are 6x more engaged when they focus on their strengths.

57% of employees who feel stressed also feel disengaged & less productive

The average employee spends $5,400 a year on impulse purchases.

Use These 8 Tips to Outsmart Decision Fatigue

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Make Fewer Decisions

On average, Americans make 36,000 decisions a day and each one weakens our willpower.

PRO TIP: Establish a set morning routine in order to limit decisions before work.

Eat Often

Low glucose levels have been scientifically linked to poor decision making.

PRO TIP: Meal prep weekly to make healthier diet decisions.

Tackle Big Decisions Early in the Day

Nighttime decisions should have low negative consequences.

PRO TIP: Avoid making financial decisions in the evening.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep, or Take a Cat Nap to Refuel

Sleep—even in short bursts—positively affects problem-solving abilities.

PRO TIP: Keep naps short: 20-30 minutes is the ideal power nap.

Time Block Your Schedule

Time is money. Use this method to increase productivity by 150%!

PRO TIP: Block time for work and for fun to keep track of work-life balance.

Reduce Distractions

96% of workers say that unnecessary emails waste their time.

PRO TIP: Turn off your email push notifications.

Be Mindful When You Make Financial Decisions

The more mind-space you free up, the more quality decisions can be made.

PRO TIP: Make large purchases or budget decisions on Saturday morning.

Use Technology to Simplify Your Life

Automation will make your life easier by freeing up your time and mental energy.

PRO TIP: Manage your money on a budget app and set up auto-pay for bills.