A Blast with Your Base


You have a wonderful group of friends and customers that know you, and know that you are a busy Realtor. Emails focused on nurturing your relationships and providing useful information; showing them that you care about more than just a sale. 

Advocate don't Advertise
As consumers, we all get tired of ads. Your contacts need to hear from you, not just get a list of properties for sale or another "list with me" ad every time they see your email address. Connect with them through content, and on a regular basis. Your lists should be separated by audience, for instance, your high-end purchasers, your investors, or your friends in a certain area - like Lakewood Ranch vs. Venice. It gives you more specific things to talk about as you target your audience.

Beauty, Branding and Function
Emails are a fantastic platform for reinforcing your branding, and that means in every email. Your gorgeous market report or info graphic art can be sized for your email too. Sending emails out that don't have links to your property or your website and emails that should never have been sent. The goal is to make the information you offer, as easy to get to as possible.

When sending emails to other Realtors, links are critical. With no links to learn more, you are asking a busy colleague to remember to contact you later about the possibility of scheduling a showing of one of your properties. Really? What about if they clicked on the property link and found the details they wanted, then simply replied to you or scheduled a showing. Pretty simple. In fact, we sent out an email to Realtors on behalf of an agent that had links, description, and a reply option that went directly to her. The results: 

"I was inundated with requests to see the property, and within 5 days, had several offers!" Local Realtor  

Refreshing Your Look
Should you decide you want a fresh look, be sure that you are consistent and don't forget the biggies (believe it or not, these are often left off). When these are complete, and you have gorgeous photos and your short but informative text, send yourself a test and test EVERY thing:

  • Name, phone and email address
  • Your logo and your broker's logo
  • Links - links to your web page or site, and to the MLS listings or searches

Getting on Board with Fresh Messaging
If you do decide you would like some help, how quickly we take care of this for you will depend on your current email efforts. If you have a Constant Contact or Mail Chimp account already, it will be a matter of access. If you have a list that you've built up over the years, we will set up your account for you. If you have loads of contacts, but they aren't in one place, we got it.