Be More Than Another Nice Head Shot
Some brokers provide a lovely page on their websites for their agents, some don't. Either way, you may have found you want to break loose and have an online place all your own. We know that you are special and unique - why not let your light shine - online.


Happy Birthday to YOU!
Not your birthday? It will feel like it is when you see how beautiful and affordable your website can be. Do you want a simple, yet gorgeous site that includes an MLS search or would you rather go big with multi-layers and IDX MLS? We got you covered. You brand, your listings, your expertise can be showcased all in one place. Buyers and sellers alike can learn more about you, see your work, and another sometimes overlooked benefit is that you will look more successful with your own site. People want to surround themselves with winners. We believe that's you.

A Special Partnership Means Special Pricing
One of the best realtor support services out there is HomeASAP. They provide a Facebook page (and posts if you like) so people can search from your page. This is also the product we use to add the MLS search to our beautiful yet simple websites. The very best thing about their MLS search tool is that every listing is branded for you. Yep, every one. See for yourself: Visit Realtor website www.WendyBurr.com and click on search. Enter an area like Gulf Gate or Lakewood Ranch and watch what happens when you check out any listing. Pretty cool. These sites start at $499 plus your annual fees like website name and hosting and for the MLS search (less than $270 per year combined). Pages can be added to your site as you grow, and to keep it fresh for visitors and search engine optimization, you will want to include a blog and update regularly. This is where your expertise will shine.

More Sometimes is More
If you would like a multilayered website with several pages in addition to a search page, like your listing presentation information, personal or listing videos, tips when buying or selling, infographics, your story, blogs, and more, we can work with you on that too. The point is to increase website traffic by providing valuable information, and showcasing your experience and expertise. You can also include and MLS IDX feed which allows visitors to set multiple advanced search parameters, and 'sold' properties, etc. This can also be your brand launching point. We fine tune the look, style, tagline and logos, build your site up, then make sure your social media sites and printed pieces follow suit. If you have your brand and look, we will make the site reflect these components instead. These sites start at $1299 plus your annual fees like website name and hosting (about $200 per year - more for upgrades in functionality). The MLS IDX feed is approximately $50 per month.  To see a 342 Mad Solution website, visit www.bethwietrzykowski.com. (Please note that since the build, the home page image has been updated - lovely too.)

Micro Sites for Listings
If you have a website, you can have a single website for a property. This means that you can have a gorgeous webpage culled from the MLS listing. It includes all the information but stands out as a single property - perfect for sharing on social media and in your emails. These start at $150 when it's built on your site, $175 when built on ours. See a sample here.