Get Branded About

All the talk about branding these days, what does it mean? Is it just a trend? Can I ignore it?

Surprise! You already have a brand. Your brand is your reputation. That’s it. You may also think about it as your personality and the promise you make to customers. Realtors depend on referrals and if you know what people are saying about you, you can make sure you focus on this across all of your communication platforms. Your logo represents your brand, and ideally, that with consistent use, they will be inseparable, and then memorable, and then sought out. Once you understand your brand, you will also find it provides you with clarity and direction - so helpful when you find yourself a bit overwhelmed, or at professional cross roads.

When it's all about you
Do your referrals recommend you because you are an expert in a specific type of property? Because you impressed them with your level of “above and beyond?” Because your quick wit and personality? There are so many reasons, but all of them point to the fact that you are special in some way, and if not as a realtor, it can be your other passion – artist, chef, kayaking, coaching, etc. You may already have a color, image, tagline or something special that you want to incorporate into your logo or brand. We can help you find and focus it. 

Consistency means recognition
It used to be that promoting yourself meant placing ads wherever you could. Fortunately, those days are gone and target marketing to your best audience means saving time, money and effort. Branding is critical now since there is no end to online shopping, ads, and information. What makes one Realtor more appealing than another? Branding. Of course a huge adwords, SEO and advertising budget matters too, but you can be sure that people who are able to spend big, have also done their branding. You don’t want to compete with budgets outside your limits, and this is one of the best reasons – with an online presence, you don’t have to. But I stray, that is for another blog…

So you already have a brand and logo, but as you’ve grown, you haven’t been able to incorporate it into all of your communication platforms. You must care for and nurture your brand, so it does not become stagnant. Remember that your brand is your base, and serves as catalyst for engagement – the goal of all things online. Send us an email if you have questions about branding or creating your look. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll find it for you.

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