1000 Words & MLS

A picture is worth a thousand words, but in the MLS it is not enough. Your words on your MLS listing description can take a potential buyer to the next step in the process – the drive by, or better yet, contacting you for a visit. According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2017, 95% of shoppers started online.

Describe a house as a home
Compelling photography, video, and various pictures of the property are critical. The description provides a space to creatively outline the benefits of the property in such a way that potential buyers can imaging enjoying. Viewers already know the number of bedrooms, baths and square feet. They need to know more about the benefits and potential of calling the house a home.

Don’t forget that a potential seller may check your listings. They want to know how you are marketing properties, and if they are bored with it, they may look around for someone who puts a little pizzazz in their listings.

Be Brilliant
Many Realtors sell themselves short by taking the list of features, putting it in paragraph form, and calling it a day. Realtors shouldn’t have to be outstanding writers, but it helps to be better than average. If you do like to write, and want to be better at it, open a Thesaurus as you go. I cringe when I read the word ‘large’ in almost every sentence. Don’t just go big, go brilliant – and write accordingly.

Unfortunately, not all listings can be waterfront, million dollar homes. Some are just plain boring. You will still work just as hard for your seller, and so will we if you need some help. It’s the power of prose, and we’re ready to apply it to your listing. Add your professional pics and it can shine – no matter the list price. It doesn’t have to be just a handyman special, it can be a taste of history. See what I mean?

A compelling property description will have buyers taking the next step; a visit to the home. We will come to the property – at your convenience, usually at the same time that your professional photographer is there – take a brief tour and give you a dazzling description. We know you want that up on the MLS ASAP, so we’re quick about it too. Click here to view MLS pricing.