Let's Get Engaged!

You’re great at what you do, and if you had more time, you’d probably make your social media sites great too. That’s not a good plan honestly, because your potential buyers are online even if you’re not. You may want to set aside time to manage your online social presence, or let us know if we can either get you started or get you more engaged.


Yes, It’s Personal
Typically, your posts about you, your story, your cute doggo, will get more likes and comments than a generic real estate post. That’s why it is so important to present your most authentic self, in your voice, and your brand. People will be turned off if you are constantly selling and promoting. Social media is where they get to know you – not your commercials. You definitely want to include new listings, the latest in the market news, special features of your listing, etc. But make sure these posts are equal to the number non-promotions posts.

The Best for the Buck
Promoting your real estate posts on social media is one of the most affordable advertising platforms available now. The best part is that you can target your audiences by post. With Facebook on the block for their handling of user information, usage, ads, etc. may be changing across all media platforms so stay tuned. Regardless of paid ads, remember that engagement is the ultimate goal here, so set up responses and notifications, and never miss an opportunity to connect.

Not All Social Media is the Same
Your Facebook posts should not match your LinkedIn posts since the audience is there for completely different reasons. It is critical to showcase your story, your services, and your brand, the right way for the right platform.

Why Bother?
Because over time, brand recognition leads to listings. Do your posts have a link to your MLS listing or website? They should. Think of social media as a tool to send people to your page.

Sowing the Seeds of Social Media Marketing
If you decide to enlist another 342 Mad Solution to grow your brand on social media, we need a few things that may be hard to part with – administrative permissions and passwords. However, we never share, sell, or treat your info as any less important than our own. In fact, we take care of that either in person, or over the phone.